Arsenal striker Giroud: I was wrong about Henry

Arsenal striker Giroud: I was wrong about Henry

The Frenchman has been a revelation for Arsenal for several seasons now. He has already scored over 100 goals and is one of the main contenders for the Golden Boot.
However, the Gunners have not been able to win the Champions League for a long time. The team has not been in the top 4 for a couple of years now.
The reasons for this are:
1. The lack of experience of the leaders.
2. The failure of the coaching staff.
3. The fact that the team has a bad time in the Champions league.
But Giroud is not going to give up on the title. He is determined to win it and prove that he is not just a good player but also a great leader.
“I am not going for the title, I am going for a place in the Europa League zone. I am not the best player, but I am the best person in the team. I have the experience and the team spirit,” he said.
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The Gunners are in a difficult position, because they have to play in the Premier League for several years. This is a real test for the team, because it is now the main contender for the Champions title.
In the current season, the team is not in a good shape. The players are tired of playing in the same team and the coach is not able to find a solution for this.
Arsenal’ players are also tired of the constant criticism from the media.
They are not going through this alone, but also their teammates. This has led to the fact that many players are not in the best shape.
This is another reason why the team does not have a good chance of winning the Champions.
It is also worth noting that the Gunner’ are not the only ones who are not performing well in the current campaign.
Manchester United and Liverpool are also in a bad shape. This can be seen on the football statistics website, where you can always find out all the latest news about the teams.
Football scores of the current EPL season
The current season of the English Premier League is not very successful for the Gunns. The main contenders of winning gold medals are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.
Many people have already said that the Red Devils are the main favorite of the season. The club has a good lineup, which is well-coordinated.
Moreover, the players of the Gunnals are also very motivated. This motivates them to do their best on the field.
At the same time, the Red devils have not won the Premier league for a number of years.
So far, the season is not over, but the Gunnl team is definitely in a better shape than its competitors.
Team’ performance in the EPL
The team has already managed to win one trophy, the FA Cup. However, it is not enough to win gold medals.
For this, the club needs to win at least the Europa league. It has already won the first one, but it is still far from the best clubs.
If the Gunl team does win the Europa, then it will be the first time in a long while that the club will not be the main candidate for the champion title. This will please the fans and the club’ management.
There is no doubt that the current Gunnal team is one the best in the world, and this is why they are the favorite of all competitions.
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Latest football scores of today’ matches
The EPL is the main tournament of the football world. It attracts the attention of millions of fans from all over the world.
Now, it has become much easier to follow the results of the matches of the Premier tournament. You can find out information about today” matches on the site of sports information, where the information is updated in real time.
One of the most interesting matches of this season is the match between Liverpool and Manchester United.
Both teams are in the middle of the championship, but they are not playing in a very good way.
Liverpool has a long bench, which makes it difficult for the players to get into the game.
Also, the Reds are tired and are not able yet to play at their maximum.
As a result, the game is not really interesting for the fans.
On the other hand, Manchester United is in a really bad shape, because the team did not win a single trophy in the last few years. It also has a short bench, so the players have to work together to get the result.
After the game, the fans of the team were disappointed with the results.
United had a good game, but Liverpool was better.
Due to this, it was not possible to finish in the first position.

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