Cavani is a much better player than Falcao!

Cavani is a much better player than Falcao!

The Italian is the main contender for the Golden Ball.
However, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation.
The team was quite active in the first part of the season, but it lost its way and couldn’t finish in the top 4.
It’s obvious that the team needs to do some serious work on the defensive line, as well as on the attack.
In the last rounds, the team was not able to impose its will on the opponent and it was the main competitor of Juventus.

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Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current season is the struggle for the champion title.
This is the first time that Juventus is in the lead of the championship.
Of course, the Turineses have a lot of advantages, but the main one is the fact that the main competitors of the Bianco Neri are not as strong as the Old Signora.
At the same time, the Old Guard is not as active as the Bianconeri.
Thus, the teams are not at the same level, which means that the fight for the title will be really interesting.
Moreover, the fight is not going to be easy, as the teams have a good number of points.
If the Old Team wins, then it will be able to take advantage of the fact the Juventus is not at full strength.
On the other hand, if the Old Club wins, the Biancons will be the main favorite of the tournament.
Therefore, the upcoming matches will be extremely important, as they will determine the fate of the title.
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Latest Results of the Competitions
The season of Serie A has already come to an end, and the results are already starting to be known.
Now, the attention of fans is focused on the matches between Juventus and Lazio.
Both teams are quite strong, but they are not in the same class.
Juventus is a lot more confident and has a good lineup.
As a result, the club is able to surprise its opponents.
Lazio, on the other side, is not that confident and doesn’ t have the right lineup to compete with Juventus. The team is not able at all to impose their will on their opponents. This is one of the main reasons that the match between the two teams ended in a draw.
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How to Follow the Results of Serie a Competitions?
The attention of the fans is now focused on Lazio, because the team has a lot to prove.
Among the main goals of the club are the following:
1. To win the champion’s title. Lazio has a great lineup, which can be used against any opponent.
2. To get into the European Cup zone.
3. To qualify for the Champions League.
4. To be able not to miss the Champions league.
5. To become a real force in the Italian football.
All these goals can be achieved, if Lazio can get into a higher position in Serie A.
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What to Expect from the Future Competitions of Juventus?
Juve is one the main contenders for the championship, but at the moment, it is not clear whether the team will be in a position to win it.
One of the reasons is the poor performance of the Old Coach.
For example, the following situations can be observed:
* the team doesn� ’ ‘t have a strong lineup;
* there are no good leaders;
* the team lacks motivation. It is obvious that it is necessary to do a lot on the defense, as it is the only one that can prevent the team from losing points. The attack is not very effective, either, as many players are not able yet to fully play in the team.
There is a good chance that the Old Man will be replaced by someone who will be more able to motivate the team and give it the right shape.
We will see how the season will develop, because now it is very important to finish in top 4, as this will help the team to get into European Cups.
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Where to Find the Results?
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Thanks to this, you will be always aware of the changes on the scoreboard and the situation of the competitors.
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Visit the site, and you will see the information on all the matches that are held in Serie a, as a result of which the results will be available to you.

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