Mourinho blasts other managers for using press conferences to criticize referees

Mourinho blasts other managers for using press conferences to criticize referees

By Football Italia staff

José Mourinho has been known to use the press conferences as a chance to criticize other managers. This time, he’s been particularly harsh on the Portuguese team’ coach, Jose Mourinho.
The Portuguese is known for his confrontations with referees, and the press conference is the perfect opportunity to highlight the mistakes of the team.
“The press conference isn’t a place for criticism,” Mourinho said. “It’ll be like a game of ‘championship’, and we’re going to win. We’ve got a good team, we”ll win.
However, the Portuguese did not stop there. He also criticized the referees for not being able to identify the culprits of the game.

‘It”s not the first time that Mourinho has criticized the Portuguese referees. In the past, he has criticized them for not giving a penalty to the team, and for not awarding a goal to the opponent.
In the press room, the team will be able to demonstrate all the mistakes that they have made, and they’d be able not only to prove that they”re the best in the world, but also to demonstrate the skills of the Portuguese players.
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Premier league fixtures
The start of the season of the English Premier League is already in full swing. The first matches of the new season have already shown that the level of the competition is quite high, and it’ s going to be quite interesting to follow the outcome of the matches.
Of course, the main favorites of the tournament are Manchester United and Liverpool. The Red Devils have already won the Premier League, and now they“ll be able, together with the team of Mourinho, to defend their title.
Liverpool, on the other hand, is a team that“s not at the top of the standings, but is still quite capable of winning the trophy.
This season, the Merseysiders will be joined by a number of newcomers, who will be the main contenders for the title. Among them, the most interesting are:
* Sadio Mané;
* Mohamed Salah;

* Roberto Firmino.
These players have already managed to make a name for themselves in the English championship, and this is why they‘ll be the key players of the Reds in the new campaign.
Also, the start of Premier League fixtures is a good opportunity to see the new faces of the teams. It’ ll be quite difficult to keep up with the teams, because they„ll play in the top division.
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The new season of English Premier league is already starting, and already the first matches have shown that there“re a lot of interesting confrontations ahead.
One of the most intriguing confrontations is the confrontation between Manchester United, and Liverpool, which is going to take place at the Old Trafford stadium.
Both teams are quite capable to win the title, but they‡ re not at full strength. The Reds have a number problems, and their main rival is the team that they had to beat in the previous season, Manchester City.
So, what can the Red Devils expect from the new coach?
„I“m not going to say anything about the results of the previous coach, but I“d like to say that the new one is going well,“ Jose Mourinho said in the press.
He also said that he“ s not going for a long-term project, but he”d like the team to win a trophy. He“ ll do his best to win it, and he‘s going to do his job.
Now, it“a” s time for the start, and everyone is waiting for the results.
Manchester United starts the season with a game against Liverpool, and you can follow all the results on the site of sports results. The website offers all the information in real-time, so that you can be the first to know about the changes in the field.
Live football on the sports statistics website
The Premier League has already started, and there’ re a lot to see. The starting matches have already showed that the competition in the championship is quite intense.
There“ re a number confrontations, and even the best teams can“t be everywhere at the same time.
On the sports results website, you can find the live football results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches. The site offers the information of all the matches, as it” re updated in the moment.
It“ a good chance to follow all matches of your favorite teams, and to learn the results in realtime.
Football today
The football today is a very busy time, because the season is coming to an end. The Premier League starts, and many teams are already ready to fight for the champion title. The main contenders are: Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester United.

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