Arsenal star Mesut Ozil: We are as good as Manchester United and Chelsea

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil: We are as good as Manchester United and Chelsea

The summer transfer campaign has brought a lot of interesting news for football fans. One of the main transfers was the signing of Mesut Özil from Arsenal. The German international is a player that many people have been waiting for. The fact that he is able to play in the Premier League is a good thing, but the main thing is that he has become a good player for the Gunners.

The fact that the club has a very good squad is another good thing. The main problem for the team is the fact that it is not very strong in the attack. However, the main problem is the lack of experience. The team needs to find a solution to this problem. The most obvious solution is to sign a new striker.
The Gunners have a very long bench, so the team needs a new player to fill the position of the leader. Ozil is one of the players who can be considered as a possible solution. The young German player is a very promising player, and the team has high hopes for him.
Ozil is a great player, but he has a long way to go before he can become a true star. The club needs to strengthen the attack, and Ozil can be a good solution to the problem.
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Latest news on Arsenal and the Premier league
The English Premier League season is in full swing, and it’s time to talk about the most interesting matches of the season. The Gunners are one of those teams that are always ready to fight for the champion title. The last season, the team managed to fight against Manchester United in the final match. The match ended in a 2:1 victory for the Red Devils.
However, the Gunner team was not able to win the title. This year, the club will have a long bench. This means that the team will have to play with a number of players that are not the best. This is one more problem that the Gunni team will need to solve.
One of the most intriguing matches of this season is the match between Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. The game ended in an interesting result for the Reds. The final score of the match was 2:0, which means that Liverpool scored two goals in the match.
In the first half of the game, the Reds were quite active. They managed to create a number on the field, and they were also able to score. The second half of this match was more problematic for the Merseysiders. The Reds were not able not to lose points, which was a big disappointment for them.
This match is a perfect example of how the team can be more active in the second half. The Red Devils did not show the best game in the first part of the tournament, but they managed to finish the season in the Champions League zone.
What to expect from the Gunnarsson team this season?
This season, it� is quite possible that the Red devils will not be able to fight with the teams from the top 4. This will be one of their main problems. However the team still has a chance to win gold medals. The players of the Gunnalsson team are very motivated and they are ready to do their best.
It is also important for the club to find an effective solution to solve the problem of the long bench and the lack in experience. This problem is one that the players have to solve, because the team lacks the necessary players to fight in the top divisions.
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The football season is already in full flow, and there are a lot to talk and discuss about. One thing is clear: the Gunnsons have to fight to win a place in the elite division. The current season is very important for them, because they have to win at least one trophy.
Liverpool is the main contender for the title, but Manchester United is also a good team. The season is long, and many matches will be held in a row. The results of the matches will influence the final position of each team in the standings.
There are a number football fans who are interested in watching the matches of Liverpool and Manchester United. However there is a chance that the teams will not fight for a place at the top. This can be seen on the website of sports statistics, where the latest data is available.
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Main contenders for the titles
The season is still in its early stages, so it is difficult to make a final decision. The teams have a lot more matches ahead, so they will have the opportunity to fight each other. The Liverpool team has a good chance to fight the Gunnlssons, because this team is much stronger than its rivals.
Manchester United is not a favorite of the current season. It is a team that is not the strongest in the current championship. However it has a lot potential, and this can be used to fight other teams. The problem for Manchester United is the long tournament distance.

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