Cavani to Arsenal – Wenger comments

Cavani to Arsenal – Wenger comments

Cavani to Arsenal – Wenger comments on the transfer

The Gunners have been in the transfer market for a long time, but the club has been actively involved in the signing of several players.
Among the most notable signings were:
* Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang;
* Lukas Podolski;
• Lukasz Piszczek.
The latter was a great addition for the team, as he is a reliable and a good defender.
After the departure of Aubamey, the club will have to make a decision on the replacement of the player.
In the summer, the Gunners signed the following players:
1. Sokratis;
2. Sokol;
3. Sokor;
4. Mertesacker.
All of them are excellent players who can help the team in various aspects.
However, the most important thing is that the club managed to sign a number of players who will help the club in the long run.

The club has already started to show the results, and the results are not bad.
This summer, Arsenal has signed a number players who are ready to help the Gunner in the future.
Cavanai to Arsenal
The transfer of Sokratas is a good decision, as the club needs to strengthen the position of the central defender. Sokrati is a versatile player who can play in several positions.
He is a strong and reliable defender who can be used in various ways.
Sokrati will become a good replacement for Aubameye, who is a great player, but he needs to be replaced.
Arsenal also signed a good goalkeeper, who will be able to help in the defense.
It is important for the club to strengthen its position in the lineup, as it will be very difficult to compete against the top teams in the Premier League.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is the fight for the Champions League places.
At the moment, the main contenders for the places in the Champions league zone are:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester City;
• Chelsea;
· ​​Manchester United.
Each of these teams has a number stars who can decide the fate of the tournament.
Liverpool has been in great form recently, and it is clear that the team is ready to fight for a place in the next stage of the Champions tournament. The team has a good lineup, which can be a great help to the club.
Manchester City has a very good lineup and can be considered as one of the main favorites of the current season.
Of course, the team has some problems, but they are not too serious.
You can follow the main intrigues of this season on the website of sports statistics.
Results of the Arsenal
In summer, it became clear that Arsenal is ready for a new challenge. The club has a lot of interesting transfers, and now it is ready not only to fight in the Europa League, but also in the English Premier League, too.
Most of the transfers were made for the following reasons:
· Sokratisto;
· Merta;
+ Piszczyki.
These transfers will help to strengthen Arsenal’s lineup.
Moreover, the new signings are good players who have already played for the national team.
New signings of the Gunns
The new signings of Arsenal are:
· Sokratista;
+ Mertan;
They are good signings who can really help the Arsenal in the fight against the main competitors.
One of the most interesting transfers is the transfer of Mertas. The player is a striker who can score goals.
Another interesting transfer is the signing by the Gunni of Piszcyzki. The Polish player is an excellent goalkeeper who can also help in defense. The new goalkeeper will be a good addition to the lineup of the club, as well as to the team’s defense.
You will find the results of the transfer on the sports statistics website.
Team’s Prospects in the Next Season
It has been a long season for the Gunnies, and they have a lot to show.
Now, the players are ready for the fight in all the tournaments.
For example, in the European cups, the teams have to play against each other in the group stage, and then they will have a chance to qualify for the next round.
If the team does not manage to win the first match, it will not be easy for them to qualify to the next one.
Also, the clubs have to fight against each another in the domestic championship.
Every match can be decisive for the fate not only of the championship, but of the fate in the tournament as a whole.
Thus, the season can be called a success for the Arsenal.
Detailed Prospects of the Club
The season has already shown that the Gunnis are ready not to lose points, and this is a guarantee that they will be successful in all tournaments. The main intrigue is the Champions Cup, where the team will have the chance to fight with the teams from the top 4.

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