Giroud deserves more respect, says Petr Cech

Giroud deserves more respect, says Petr Cech

The French football player and coach has been in the news a lot this season, and it is fair to say that he has not always been able to please everyone. However, he has managed to win the Champions League, which is the main goal of any coach.
2. His tactical decisions. It is obvious that he is not afraid to make a change in the field. He has already done it in the Champions league, and this is a good example of it.
3. His team’s results. This season, the team has been very strong, and the main rival of the Parisians is the Real Madrid. The team is not just a match for the Spanish club, but it is also a real contender for the victory in the tournament.
The team”s main problem is the lack of motivation. This is something that can be fixed, but the coach has to do his best to achieve this goal.
4. The number of titles. This year, the French team has won the Champions tournament for the second time. This fact is very important for the team, because it is now the main contender for winning the champion title.
It is also worth noting that the team is in a very good shape, and in the future, it will be able to compete with the best teams.
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Latest news on the French football championship
The season has come to an end, and now it is time to see who will be the winner of the title. The French championship has a lot of interesting matches, and many of them will decide the fate of the champion.
In the first part of the season, many teams managed to get into the top 4, and they are:
* Lyon;
* Marseille;
* Paris Saint-Germain.
This is a great result for the teams, because they have to fight for the title for several rounds.
At the same time, the main contenders for the champion trophy are:* Nice;
* Lyon;
* Nice.
Of course, the first two teams are the main favorites of the championship, but they are not the only ones. In the last rounds, the teams from the lower divisions managed to improve their positions in the table, too.
As a result, we can say that the season is developing very well for the French teams. The main thing is to finish the championship in the best possible way.
Who will be Lyon’ s main competitor?
The main contender of the Lyon team is the team from Marseille. The club has been playing in the French league for a long time, and for a number of years it was the main favorite of the tournament, too, but now it has not been able not to finish in the top-4.
However, the club is in good shape and has a good squad. The only problem is that the players are not in the most perfect condition.
If we talk about the main competitors of the team of the coach Thomas Tuchel, we should mention:
1. The team of Thomas Meunier. The players of the club are in a bad shape, too; this is another reason for the fact that the club does not have a chance to win gold medals.
Also, the Marseille players have not been in a good shape for a while, so they are tired of the competition.
So, the Lyon players will be very difficult for the Marseilles, and if the team does not show good results, the coach will have to make some changes in the lineup.
How the team will finish the season?
In any case, the season has ended, and we can safely say that it was a very difficult one for the Lyon club. The coach has not managed to find a solution for the problems of the players, and so far, the situation is not stable.
After the end of the Champions Cup, the players of Marseille have a lot to improve, and that is why they are in the middle of the standings. The first rounds of the new season will be decisive for the club’slive, so we will see how the team performs in the next matches.
Lyon will not be able not finish in top 4
The final rounds of this season were very difficult, and Lyon did not manage to finish on the first place in the league table. The reason for this is the fact the team was not in a great shape.
On the one hand, the squad of the head coach Thomas Meurin is not the strongest, but on the other hand, it is not possible to count on the performance of the whole team.
There are also some problems with the leadership of the player. This has not helped the team to get out of the middle class.
Now, the only thing that can save the team“s position is the performance in the matches against the teams that are in top-3.

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